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December 2–6, 2013


February 17–21, 2014


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June 2–6, 2014

The BRICs on BRICs program at a glance

The BRICs on BRICs program is the result of a unique partnership between four top-league business schools in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) from Brazil, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO from Russia, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) from India and the CHeung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) from China – are the top business schools in their respective countries and well-known globally. Most of their faculty are recognized as top scholars and have published in leading journals worldwide. They have a deep understanding of the issues impacting business and economy in the BRIC countries.

Each of these four schools brings to the table an insider's perspective of their respective countries in a curriculum that has been jointly designed by them. Participants benefit from interactions with professorswith deep knowledge of these markets, industry leaders who have a real-world perspective on leadingbusiness in these countries, and company and households visits.

The BRICs on BRICs program provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and insights into successful investment and operation models in the BRIC countries. The program addresses both the macro perspectives of each of the BRIC economies and microlevel details of operational excellence in those countries.

"The BRIC on BRICs Program is a solid opportunity to revise and expand our own horizons, as we get to know and compare the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. They are really different, but with a lot of common features, such as the strategic effort to accelerate economic development, combining it with social inclusion and a new model of environmental management. We had contact with many different experiences and visions, from which, for sure, will emerge a new development model."

Windson Vieira Paz

Director for Quality, Fiat/Chrysler Latin America